What home loan / commercial products can Ready Set Finance offer you?

Thanks to our relationships and access to a wide array of different lending solutions, there is no one typical Ready Set Finance client. For example, Ready Set Finance can help a customer step onto the property ladder for the first time by securing a first home buyer loan. We also source fixed rate home loans at competitive rates and conditions for ordinary buyers.

If your situation is one that requires a little more finesse, we have a variety of specialist products at our disposal. For business owners who lack the full financial documents and steady income needed for a regular loan, for instance, we can offer self-employed home loans. Meanwhile, those hoping to build a property portfolio, from novices to experienced investors, can benefit from our range of investment home loans.

Contact Ready Set Finance if you need any assistance and advice. We can help you determine which type of home loan that’s right for you and what kind of documentation you’ll need to provide.